News from around the dioceses

On 23rd November 2023, on the ocassion of his 43rd anniversary of the Priesthood, Fr Robert Kinlen, Chaplain to Deaf people in Hexam & Newcastle diocese, celebrated a ‘thanksgiving celebration’ with the Deaf and SVP communities. Fr Robert said it was only three months after his ordination when Sr Kevin Allen DC (one could almost say ‘Bishop Kevin’!) phoned him and told him he would start work with the Deaf community and that he would learn sign language the following week in York. Julie Stephenson in the first photograph on the left, and Dr Megan Nottingham, Centre Manager, in the second photograph, both thanked Fr Robert for his 43 years of service to the Deaf community. The Mass took place at the SVP Newcastle Deaf Centre (Our Lady of Lourdes).




St Philip Haward Medals for Maria and Peter Booker


Whiles in Lourdes, Bishop Moth (Bishop of Arundel & Brighton) presented Maria and Peter Booker with St Philip Howard medals for their significant contribution and service to Deaf, Hard of Hearing and Hearing people, in their diocese to create awareness of the existence and needs of Deaf/Hard of Hearing people, both in the Church and in Society. Maria and Peter Booker were completely surprised.

Congratulations to Maria and Peter! Well done, you both deserve the awards and the Deaf community is proud of you.

In the photo (L to R): Bishop Moth; Maria Booker; Peter Booker; Fr Ian Byrnes.


News from Lourdes



Fr Paul Fletcher SJ, Angela Davies and Joselyn Taylor were in Lourdes, July 2023.

Here is a short video vlog.

Click on the image to view the video.

Please note, the person they were with and who lit the candle is Vincent Bayoumeu. He is St Bernadette’s 5th great-nephew and he is Deaf himself.

CDA Walsingham pilgrimage May 2023

At 12 noon we had Mass at the Church of the Annunciation presided
by Bishop Paul Hendricks and concelebrated by Fr David Quligotti,
Fr Norbert and Fr Francis Wadsworth. Fr David signed the gospel
and preached on the importance of listening to Jesus by asking
Mary to intercede to her Son on our behalf.

The Holy Mile Walk from the Church of the Annunciation
to the Shrine

Along the Holy Mile Walk we stopped five times. There were five different
pictures (on baords) showing the five Mysteries of the Light. Each
person took took to sign the stories and prayers of each Lights before
resuming the Walk.

The Lord blessed us with marvellous weather, safe journeys and a wonderful pilgrimage of thanksgiving, prayer and friendship. A pilgrimage to Walsingham is very exhausting and tiring to travel especially if we go there and back in one day from a long distance. A pilgrimage is not a holiday or a day trip; it is a journey of faith. Pope Francis constantly tells us that we must be Missionary Disciples. We walked The Holy Mile in a different way. There were five points (or ‘Stations’) along the Holy Mile. Each Station had a picture of one of the decades from the Rosary — the Mysteries of Light. At each point, people gathered around the picture and thought about it. Then a signer and a speaker gave a short (2 minutes) reflection. The procession then moved on to the next Station. With the new Stations, everyone had the chance to see the visual picture. No one was excluded. It was far more visual, far more appropriate for ‘Eye-People.’ Then when we arrived at the garden of the Basilica (‘Slipper Chapel’), Father Francis Wadsworth, from the Salford Diocese, very kindly helped Father David Quiligotti with confessions (both fluent in sign language).
Thank you to Bishop Hendircks for his presence with us; to Fr David Quiligotti and Fr Francis Wadsworth; Joselyn Taylor (Chair) and the Walsingham Committee; Sr Maria and Sr Pauline for preparing hymns and choirs; and everybody else – pilgrims – who came; it would not have been a national pilgrimage without them.