Our Mission Statement

The Mission of the Catholic Deaf Association is to bring ‘Good News’ in sign language to Deaf people and enable them to pass it on to others. The CDA encourages Deaf people to share in the Mass and the Sacraments and to participate and share fully in the life and mission of Church and society.

The CDA was established in 1969. This provided a forum for people who are involved in the ministry with Deaf people.

The CDA:

  • recognises the rights and needs of Deaf People. We believe and acknowledge that Deaf People are a cultural and linguistic (BSL users) minority group
  • we provides mutual support, encouragement and inspiration
  • increases awareness of the needs, rights and gifts of Deaf people and Deafblind people
  • develops and extends pastoral services throughout the country
  • provides training liturgical signs for sign language interpreters, clergy and laity
  • arranges retreats and conferences
  • we are committed to providing for the spiritual and pastoral needs of Deaf People, including adults, and children and their families
  • we recognise the various ‘Faith communities’ and they are welcome to share with us. We recognise also the temporal challenges which more forcefully impact on Deaf people and have widened our brief to embrace the social welfare concerns of our community.

What we do

We are an association of both Deaf and hearing people who support and promote services for Deaf People. We acknowledge that Deaf People are a cultural and linguistic (Sign Language users) minority group.

We provide access to information to empower Deaf people to share fully in the life of the church and use their full potential. Services, events and projects are organised locally, regionally and nationally.

For Deaf people, training includes: Catholic education, leadership and ministry. For hearing people, training includes Deaf awareness and communication strategies to improve access to the church community.

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